Message to Advertisers

Thank you for inquiring about advertising on the Get A website.  We do not publicly publish our advertising rates, as we don't believe in the cookie cutter approach to advertising and marketing.  We support the symbiotic relationship created by the existential impact of your banner ad(s) on our landing pages, in our viewers eyes.  The entire worldwide web is based on complimentary links and websites and to the relationship they have together. We look at that relationship and how our viewers see the relationship as well.  We all know what it feels like to land on spamy websites, where the links and products have no cohesiveness and no relationship with one another. Therefore we will not advertise any products that don't directly support our readership.  We only place ads on our website we know will be mutually beneficial.  This only makes good sense. 

For ads that compliment our readership, yet are not in competition with any of our products & services, we offer the lowest rates.  You are welcome to advertise on our website if you are a competitve travel company, though expect to pay a little more.

DISCLAIMER:  Any placement ads we suggest, are the opinion of Get A only.  Like all opinions, we reserve the right to change our opinions, as this is the nature of the travel, tourism & hospitality industry.  It is constantly updating itself and changing with the times.   Do your own research and stay on top of your analytics.   It is your full responsibility to pay promptly all advertising costs associated with your Get A advertising account, regardless of whether the ad pulls a favorable response, as long as the banner ad is displayed and "live". It is up to you to cancel any advertising campaigns that you feel are not working for your business.  You can change your banner ads out, twice per month, at no additional cost.  You will never be locked into a contract, though our advertising rates are not based on performance, they are based on monthly commitments.  For the best branding effort it is advisable to leave up banner ads & text links a minimum of 3-6 months before changing. 

The look and feel of an ad is what gets noticed and is memorable.  The more relevant and targeted your ad is, the better the results.  We are happy to review with you your best options.  Please use our Contact Us page if interested in advertising with Get A  We  will contact you shortly with rates and to discuss placement ideas.
Best Regards,
Get A Trip Management Team